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Financial Projections

3.Disbursement / Request for payment

Regulation 11. Conditions for disbursements of funds.

11. (1) the funds shall only be disbursed if—.

(a) The disbursement is approved and recorded in minutes of the Board; and

(b) The disbursement is to meet   the expenses related to the objects and purpose of the Fund.

(2) The Board may set out other conditions and requirements for release of funds, to ensure efficient and effective management   of resources.


Regulation 13. Request for payment from the Fund

13.  A tourism   implementing   agency   shall   only   request   for payments from the Fund where—

  (a)   The project to be financed is procured in accordance with the Public Procurement and Asset Disposal Act, 2015

  b)  The   project   to   be   financed   is   included   in   the   approved estimates of revenue and expenditure for the tourism implementing agency; and

  (c)   The requirements of regulation 11 are met.

Regulation 18. Applications for payments out of the fund.

(1)Applications for payment out of the Fund shall be made by a tourism implementing agency in a format specified by the Board at least 21 days before the due date.

(2)Any applications for payment made under paragraph (1) of this regulation shall be supported by documents required under these Regulations which shall include—

  (a)   The name and address of the payee (tourism implementing   agency);

  (b) The bank account details of the payee;

  (c)   Specific project to be financed; and

  (d)  Any other additional information as may be deemed necessary by   the tourism implementing agency

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