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Funding a New Vision for Kenya’s Tourism sector

The current Global pandemic of the Covid 19 corona virus being experienced has impacted on the Global Tourism and economy in general with unprecedented negative impact to the Sector. Recently the ban on travel was lifted for both international and domestic flights.  The tourism sector had a 100% decline due to this.  The sector is now slowly recovering and a strategy is needed to bring the sector back to where it was considering Covid 19 as a way of life from now on until a vaccine is found.

In Kenya tourism which is a key sector of Kenya’s economy has had to contend with a total collapse of its operations. It is therefore of essence that that sector develops a comprehensive strategy to enable it cope with and recover from the ramifications of the pandemic while building resilience for survival and sustainability in the face of this continuing pandemic and similar shocks in the future.

The proposed consultancy will therefore involve the design and management of the proposed strategic planning engagement process between the Ministry of Tourism and Wildlife and participants from a cross section of sector relevant agencies, associations and businesses (the Engagement Process) for a Tourism War Room Strategy.